little monster finds love.


maybe i’m a bad mom


but honestly the posts i see in my facebook feed from moms sometimes make me gag. mostly they are women i don’t really know anymore but for some reason remain facebook friends with. my complaint? the posts of pictures with the captions that read “dinner is served! dinner is organic, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, locally grown parsnips! yum!” cue eyeroll. parsnips are a root vegetable you moron! they don’t have dairy or gluten!!!

i understand the importance of feeding your child healthy food but the posts make any mom who isn’t serving what you are feel guilty or annoyed. i just feel annoyed. i make my own baby food most of the time. and guess what, the fruits and veggies i use aren’t always organic and they are most likely GMO produce. and sometimes i even serve my daughter Gerber food that i bought at Target. GASP!

even more annoying is when mom’s make passive aggressive comments on posts of other people’s kids. “oh we never serve squeezy pouches in our house. LoL wink face.” eeeewwwww! i suppose you only clothe your child in organic cotton and all the toys they play with are wooden but of course made with reclaimed wood only. and i’m positive your child will grow up one day using the phrase “i deserve…” and will be a real douche. yeah i just called you and your kid a douche.

look i get it, we all need to be more environmentally conscious. we all need to be more informed of where our food comes from, where are clothes are made, and ensure our children have better opportunities than we do. however, being preachy about it just makes me want to make fun of you. moms, all parents for that matter, should be on the same team and not try to make each other feel bad for their own way of parenting.

and stop with the pseudoscience! just because you read it on the internet or heard it in a netflix documentary doesn’t mean it’s real!!! do your research. read. learn. then make a decision.

end rant.