BOA Creates: A review


UPDATE to my update. I received a reply from Shopify who hosted her shop. She did not in fact close it down like she has been saying but they have removed her site. And they are opening an investigation into her fraudulent activities.

BONUS, you can follow this link to her public ARREST RECORD. 

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UPDATE: My items did arrive and they were subpar quality. The fabric was only okay. Basically they weren’t worth the money or wait and I would not recommend this shop to anyone. In fact, Cashmere Monique (Wilson) Gallion the owner has cheated several people out of their money by not sending items after she collected payment from them. I have spoken to several women whom she sent false shipping info to, blocked on Instagram and ignored their emails, deleted any comment they made on her photos asking where in the hell their orders, were. She is completely shady, and obviously doesn’t know how to run a business or be a decent human being. I would feel pity for her but she dug her own grave and built her house of lies on her own.

Have you seen BOA Creates on Instagram? You can check them out here. They have a lovely collection of children’s clothes that are mainly black and white. I fell in love with them instantly when I discovered them on Instagram. So many people on Instagram had posted pictures of them wearing BOA Creates items and they were even featured in British Vogue! Awesome right?! WRONG. Let’s go through the timeline of me spending the ENTIRE SUMMER trying to get my orders that I paid for from BOA Creates.

After finding this small business on Instagram I order some shorts for my daughter and leggings for my nephew who is due in September. I ordered on May 11th & the total was $52 which was charged immediately. Usually when you order something they don’t charge you until they ship it. But okay it’s a small business whatever. So I wait and wait and wait for a shipping notification.

June 9th I email them asking for a status update on my order. I’m told the shorts are ready to go but the leggings are back ordered but they can send the shorts now and then the leggings when they are ready. I say great please send the shorts now. I don’t get a reply or a shipping notification.

June 15th I place another order during their BOGO order. Immediately they take my money again. They don’t post the instructions on how to get the BOGO offer on their website and I have to email them to let them know the offer didn’t work when I checked out. They kind of rudely reply that sometimes people miss out on those. But say they will honor it. I literally checked out within 6 minutes of the sale starting but I just assume they suck at customer service and excuse it as a small business error. I tell my sister-in-law to buy from the sale too and she does.

June 29th I email again asking for a status update. I am told they are shipping this week and they are in the middle of moving. They had said they would ship them as they were ready but then took that back since I only paid for one shipping cost. Fine okay.

July 8th I email and as for a refund. No reply. I email again on July 9th and ask for a refund for both order. At this point I don’t care how cute their items are I want my money back. I’m told that they will refund my May 11th order because it hasn’t been sewn and my June 15th order is scheduled to ship so they won’t refund it. I ask her why she lied in the other email and she responds rudely saying she never said they were done. I send her the email and she apologizes saying she doesn’t recall sending that email. You know even though it was signed with her name. She says she will refund the order and she does and I say okay I still want my June 15th order are both items coming because you only mentioned one. She doesn’t reply.

July 16th I email again asking if she can update me on the order that she said was shipping on July 9th. No reply.

July 17th I email again and her husband replies saying that she is in the hospital with her sick mother and that the fabric for my leggings is scheduled to arrive on July 18th and then they will sew it and ship it. That they were meant to email me this but somehow their newly hired customer service rep didn’t.

July 29th I email for an update.

July 30th I am told my order shipped that past Monday but they were hacked so they couldn’t get my shipping information. But that my order will likely arrive before the shipping info even gets sent to me.

August 10th I comment on her Instagram that I still haven’t received my order and she says to call the post office.

August 11th I email saying I called the post office and they have zero record of any package coming to me. She replies and says they have 10 angry customers that never got their order. And tells me she is going to re-sew the order and re-ship it.

August 19th I email for status update. No reply.

August 20th I email for status update she asks if the package is listed under another name. My maiden name. Which I have no clue how it would be since I didn’t enter my maiden name in for shipping. She says she assumed I was talking about the order that was allegedly shipped three weeks ago. And that she spent two hours on the phone trying to find out this information. And that they had just came back from vacation and were going to ship them on Monday but now will ship them on Friday.

Which brings us to today, the day I am supposed to get a tracking number for my order placed on June 15th that has somehow been sewed three times and shipped before and lost and then they were hacked and etc, etc.

Amidst all of this they posted they were hiring customer service help which I offered. She replied and was interested and then didn’t reply for weeks regarding it. Then she asked if I was a seamstress cause they were hiring seamstresses and I said no but I could help with social media & customer service. She replied asking how many hours I could commit to weekly & I said 20. She never replied to that. I genuinely wanted to help because you could tell they were overwhelmed. But after going through the timeline of emails & back & forth I could never work with someone like that.

Basically this place is excuse after excuse and they take your money but don’t (have yet to) deliver the product. My sister-in-law still hasn’t received her order either and has been given countless excuses. I’m sorry but it doesn’t take 3 weeks to get an item from San Diego to Orange County. I would advise you to order at your own risk. I just want my money back but somehow doubt that will happen.

UPDATE: I was emailed today letting me know my items are being shipped. I did not get a shipping notification yet.

I did get a shipping notification but it was false information. Isn’t that mail fraud? The shipping still says it’s in pre-shipment (Sept. 24th) I got the notification in August. Fishy? YES!