Too tired to Mom


I have two babies under two. The 13 month age gap is killing my husband and I. We have both become complete zombies. We fall asleep at 8:30p on the couch almost daily. And that’s only if our second born isn’t screaming her head off which is usually what’s going on. Continue reading


my husband has a blog…


and it is smart, funny and snarky. basically it’s him in blog form. and i think you need to click HERE and go read it. his name is Andrew and he is the other person who helps me keep Starkweather & Grey alive each day. i think he is neato. happy reading!

Halloween 2014


Growing up my mom always hand sewed our costumes and they were awesome! I was Malificent when I was 12 or 13 and the costume was 100% satin and weighed about 10lbs. I even won a costume contest. So I knew when I had kids I wanted to keep that tradition alive. When Starkweather was one she was a shark and her father and I were a shark and Quint from Jaws.

This year Starkweather was a spider and I was the web. My husband was the Empire State Building and Grey was King Kong. After Grey was over it we put the King Kong garb on Starkweather and made her King Kong. I can’t wait until next year when I can torture them again by making them dress up as Hall & Oates.  Continue reading