Too tired to Mom


I have two babies under two. The 13 month age gap is killing my husband and I. We have both become complete zombies. We fall asleep at 8:30p on the couch almost daily. And that’s only if our second born isn’t screaming her head off which is usually what’s going on.

If you came here looking for advice on how to get your baby to sleep, well I got nothing. I literally have no idea what the hell I’m doing so if you have some wonderful advice, please leave it in the comments. Sadly there has been no amount of Googling to fix our child.

Our oldest slept through the night at three months. She had some rough nights here and there but nothing as awful as our second baby. AKA the screaming skull. She cries in the car! The car! That last resort idea to get a baby to sleep while driving around, yeah our kid is like “Hell no!”
So instead we suffer through her crying until she gags, screaming for an hour before each nap, waking up several times a night and refusing to sleep.

She is clearly over tired and so far every method we have tried works for a couple of days or so and then she is back to her screaming ways. I’m pretty sure she hates us and this is some elaborate plan to drive us slowly insane for fun.

In case you were wondering I’m currently feeding her after trying to drop her second feeding of the night. She cried from 3am to 5am until I gave up and made a bottle. And now she is giving me major side eye while eating.
And both girls rarely nap at the same time so cleaning, laundry, a shower for me, nope those are rare “privileges” I’m allowed.

Ok delirious rant over.