should i resolve to blog more or nah?


honestly every time i get time to blog i’m not into it. i think the 9 years of blogging in my 20’s burned me out. so since i announced my pregnancy of baby number 3 we found out it’s a boy! we are naming him Gatsby. people have a lot of opinions on this name and frankly we don’t care. i’m 32 weeks pregnant now and a billion times more uncomfortable than either pregnancy with the girls.

husband is in the trenches of applying to law school, working from home, serving the needs of our girls every day and still managing to be the best husband. i’m going to school monday – friday and am gone from the house from 8-530p. it’s a rough time for us that seems to only be a preview of the next three years of law school. but our relationship has been a never ending maze of craziness since we met so i’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.

the crazy part right now is we have no idea where we will be living come September. we have a list of states and i have only one week of maternity leave from school to make this whole plan happen. moving out of state again with three kids is going to be the thing i brag about for at least ten years.

grey is starting to talk more. she says “stop it” a lot but that’s mostly her parroting us. starkweather is in a terrible stage where she is extra full of attitude and tells us to “leave me alone!” and “don’t talk to me!” several times a day. it’s marvelous. her vocabulary is astounding and she doesn’t forget anything we tell her…EVER. we are potty training her and if someone warned me about this process i might have thought twice about the whole kid thing.

that’s the update. i’ve included a photo of our girls watching the fake new year’s eve countdown on netlfix. they were unimpressed. they went to bed at 8p we went to sleep at 10p…sober.