Hi I’m Taylor Mochulsky!


Welcome to my blog. I don’t really care for the title of a lifestyle blog but it is essentially the only way to describe it. I find that too often lifestyle blogs seem to present life in a very pretty, manicured, unrealistic way. My hope is to present a more realistic and honest view of my lifestyle. The pretty along with the not as pretty.

I blogged over on The Urban Dater for many years but after getting engaged I knew my time writing about dating was over. I’ve been out of the blogging habit for a almost two years but I’m ready to get back in.

I grew up in Southern California, moved to New York for a couple of years, met my New Yorker husband in March 2012, married him in January 2013, moved back to California in February 2013, gave birth to our daughter N. Starkweather in April 2013 & our second daughter E. Grey May 2014. Then we had my son Gatsby in February 2016.

We recently moved back to California after a year in Illinois while my husband attended law school. We are about to embark on a long distance marriage while my husband wraps up law school and my children and I remain in California.

I will be sharing my experiences about raising three kids, being a law school wife, growing my career as a licensed stylist, DIY projects, reviewing products, and other various odds and ends.

Hope you enjoy!


what say you?

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