2014 wrap up


we had another baby. and she is exhausting! she never sleeps. but she is so smiley and jolly.

we moved to Fullerton and lived next door to my brother and sister in law which was awesome. but we hate our landlord so we are moving in February.

that same brother and sister in law made me an aunt for the first time. and their son is the cutest little button.

my husband started a new job early in 2014 and is pretty sure it’s the company he will stay with for the long haul.

our first born has grown into a vivacious and bright toddler. she shocks and delights us every day.

i resolved to go back to school and start to finish my degree in 2015. i applied to the local college and will be starting in late January.

i have been working with a wonderful client and great people over at Pencilbox Studios.

wishing you and yours the best 2015. may you have health, wealth and happiness.