14 months & 3 weeks


update: i have two babies under 2 at home now. 2. which means i have double the migraine and double the adorable moments. it has been one hell of an adjustment. and currently my 14 month old has a cold and is going through this screaming at the top of her lungs tantrum phase. while the three-week old is seriously fussy if she isn’t being held or breastfed 24 hours a day. i swear when one stops crying the other starts.

however there are so any precious moments between them. N. Starkweather is just the sweetest and wants to pet her little sister all the time. E. Grey just stares at her with this look on her face “will you give me milk please?” N walks now & gets into EVERYTHING. E is gaining weight like it is her job. which i guess it is. Andrew & i have likely gained grey hair but we also gained a king size cooling memory foam bed so there is that comfort.

i have so much more respect for my mom who had three under three. i cannot even imagine what that insanity must have been like. and how she did not become a serious alcoholic i will never understand.

oh p.s. E. Grey was born three weeks before her due date when we went to the doctor to check on her low fetal movement. my amniotic fluid was low so they induced my labor at 10am on may 25th and she as born at 11:34p that night. easiest delivery and almost no pain at all. 6lbs 10 oz. 20 inches.