Grey September 4th OOTD


Cotton On Batgril shirt, EW McCall shorts.


Starkweather September 1st OOTD


H&M hat, OshKosh onesie, EW McCall skirt, Lilfut moccasins.

dressing your kids on a budget


N. Starkweather pictured in a hand me down onesie.

my family is far from wealthy & with two babies draining the bank account i’m not exactly buying $70 shoes that will last them a few months. thankfully my lovely cousins all had girls before me and gave me so many hand me down items. honestly they grow out of them so fast most of the items are nearly brand new. if you don’t have family members who have kids try trading with your friends who are parents too.

i also discovered the wonderful world of shopping for kids clothes on instagram. it’s really addicting and i love getting packages in the mail. the instagram community of moms is awesome and you can find pieces that you loved in larger sizes. search the hashtag #igshop or #shopmycloset to find some shops.

another great place is TJ Maxx or Ross. kids grow so quickly you shouldn’t spend a fortune on their clothes unless it’s a special occasion. plus i found Ralph Lauren kids clothes at TJ Maxx for under $10, BOOM. Target always has terrific sales on kids clothes and the full prices are really reasonable.

lastly splurge once in a while. there are some adorable etsy and big cartel brands that are too freaking cute to pass up. i love E W McCall & Whistle and Flute.


Starkweather July 13th OOTD


Eat More Plants t-shirt, black headband sewn by my, EW McCall shorts, black Converse, rubber duckie.