monster babies


the girls had a rough grumpy morning. they wouldn’t eat breakfast (which is insane for eleanor grey) they were fighting over a Cinderella toy cage match style, & then they knocked the lamp over & crawled on it bending it. so instead of yelling I put them in this chair made them hug & tickled them until they couldn’t take it. all was forgiven until nap time.  


today grey…


fell off the bed. our bed. my bed. the king size bed. she fell off and took my husband’s pillow with her. so she landed on said pillow but still. she fell off the freaking bed and i swear my heart stopped.  Continue reading

Grey September 12th OOTD


Misfits onesie, Baby GAP sweats. I keep making her wear this onesie cause she is rapidly outgrowing it. And she was hungry in this picture and boy did she let me know.

Grey September 9th OOTD


Shakespeare onesie from Etsy, Old Navy polka dot shorts, Star Wars toys from Disneyland. Ellie has easily the worst gas ever. Room clearing gas!

Grey September 8th OOTD


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 4.00.19 PM


Circo onesie. She is so expressive and loves when we talk to her. She makes this mouth agape smile and it melts my heart every time.

Grey September 6th OOTD


Old Nay I love my Aunt onesie. Her big sister was annoying her and kissing her when she was trying to sleep. But then she started giggling.