monster babies


the girls had a rough grumpy morning. they wouldn’t eat breakfast (which is insane for eleanor grey) they were fighting over a Cinderella toy cage match style, & then they knocked the lamp over & crawled on it bending it. so instead of yelling I put them in this chair made them hug & tickled them until they couldn’t take it. all was forgiven until nap time.  


life with S & G lately


IMG_7101 IMG_7081 IMG_6979 IMG_6850 IMG_6720 IMG_6580 IMG_6471 IMG_6401 IMG_6308 IMG_5813 IMG_5613 IMG_5418 IMG_5272 IMG_5177

today grey…


fell off the bed. our bed. my bed. the king size bed. she fell off and took my husband’s pillow with her. so she landed on said pillow but still. she fell off the freaking bed and i swear my heart stopped.  Continue reading

my husband has a blog…


and it is smart, funny and snarky. basically it’s him in blog form. and i think you need to click HERE and go read it. his name is Andrew and he is the other person who helps me keep Starkweather & Grey alive each day. i think he is neato. happy reading!

where the hell have you been?


oh you have been here, checking on my blog and i have been a terrible person and not updating it. i could blame life getting busy or some other bs but really i just got annoyed with the wordpress app on my phone. but hey here i am with an update! oh and by the way i have been keeping up with daily OOTD posts over on Instagram so you can always see those even when i don’t update here.  Continue reading

My reality


As a work from home mother this picture captures my every day reality. N will want to crawl on my lap while I’m feeding E and then she’ll start crying when I say no. N will stomp away screaming and trip on a block. E will start crying & spit up on me & the whole while I just want to put a bra on & use the laptop to work without N turning it off.

On the good days N will sweetly pat E’s back while I feed her. Today was a good day.