monster babies


the girls had a rough grumpy morning. they wouldn’t eat breakfast (which is insane for eleanor grey) they were fighting over a Cinderella toy cage match style, & then they knocked the lamp over & crawled on it bending it. so instead of yelling I put them in this chair made them hug & tickled them until they couldn’t take it. all was forgiven until nap time.  


where the hell have you been?


oh you have been here, checking on my blog and i have been a terrible person and not updating it. i could blame life getting busy or some other bs but really i just got annoyed with the wordpress app on my phone. but hey here i am with an update! oh and by the way i have been keeping up with daily OOTD posts over on Instagram so you can always see those even when i don’t update here.  Continue reading

Starkweather September 7th OOTD


Kaiote Designs shark onesie, Baby GAP skirt, Capezio ballet slippers.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.29.48 AM

Starkweather September 5th OOTD


Kamnation black and white gingham sunsuit, Trumpette green moccasins, Uncle Josh’s tennis ball. Today she said her first full sentence, “mama, blankie and paci please.”

Starkweather September 1st OOTD


H&M hat, OshKosh onesie, EW McCall skirt, Lilfut moccasins.

Starkweather August 31st OOTD


H&M fedora, Circo tankini, Chewbacca doll.