a new blog!


OMG! i’m starting a new blog! i won’t bore you with who i am in the first post. you can see all that on my about page.


to begin i figure i should describe my current state. it’s “winter” in southern california meaning we have had days ranging from 90 degree to 60 degrees. this 5 month pregnant lady is not a fan of the heat.

my family and i are moving to fullerton in just 11 days. moving is my least favorite activity, and since 2010 i have moved 6 times. two of which were cross country moves. i DO NOT recommend moving across the country if you can’t handle stress. this move will hopefully go smooth with the help of my family.

a few tips for those of you moving any time soon.

  1. attempt to move in cold weather. it’ll help the process be less sweaty.
  2. get boxes from friends, Costco, or Craigslist. use your re-useable shopping bags & laundry baskets too.
  3. use your t-shirts and other clothing to wrap fragile items to cut down on boxes and pack double the amount of items.
  4. buy lunch for anyone who helps you. no one is really that keen on spending their free time moving your belongings around.


Taylor M.