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Starkweather September 11th OOTD


Dress from Hawaii given to Nora by Diane. Whenever I do her hair like this she screams so loud I fear the neighbors think we punch her.

Grey September 9th OOTD


Shakespeare onesie from Etsy, Old Navy polka dot shorts, Star Wars toys from Disneyland. Ellie has easily the worst gas ever. Room clearing gas!

Grey September 7th OOTD


Winnie the Pooh onesie. She has started teething and is a complete mess. Like “screaming her crazy head off” mess, as her Dad said.

Kaiote Designs


We are so honored to be the newest brand rep for Kaiote Designs. What that means is Nora wears their organic threads and I tell you how ridiculously soft, beautiful and adorable they are. Also how terrific the designs are. Which they are, it’s just the wonderful truth. And it’s not just for kiddos, they have this shirt that I need to get my hands on, check it out here. I mean even Heather Dubrow would sport that.

They have items for babies, kids, women as well as accessories.

A little bit about the Austin TX based company:

“Kaiote (kī-ˈō-tē) Designs was inspired by our little boy Kai, who is also called Kaiote. We have a passion for fashion and design and are trying to make the world a better place one thread at a time.

Evan, Meghan & Eastan Schrock are the brains and brawn behind the brand. We took our love for these things and are trying to create unforgettable designs you can wear on eco friendly, made in the USA cotton shirts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!”

So head over to Kaiote Designs and tell them I sent you!

Follow them on social media here:

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

p.s. I just want to point out that that is Lionel Richie on that door mat behind Nora. Hello…?

Grey September 6th OOTD


Old Nay I love my Aunt onesie. Her big sister was annoying her and kissing her when she was trying to sleep. But then she started giggling.

Starkweather September 6th OOTD


H&M fedora, hand me down Tennis tank, Janie & Jack Bermuda shorts, Tumpette green moccasins. She was at her Pop Pop & Punchee’s house watching the US Open.